Agency Operations & Project Management Consulting

Agency Management

As the exclusively endorsed technology and operations consulting partner of XDimensional Technologies, Inc. (XDTI), CAP Consulting helps agencies manage the scope, timing, execution, and measurement of the change associated with the implementation of a new agency management platform. CAP Consulting provides insight to help agencies improve business processes for greater efficiency and profit. This Project Management approach helps solve technology challenges and assists in the implementation of new agency strategies.

CAP Consulting uniquely understands the interconnectedness of insurance agency operations, agency best practices and agency technology. We support our agency clients in the configuration, implementation and optimization of the XDTI platforms to maintain and maximize workflow efficiencies, processes, solve technology challenges and implement new strategies ultimately making our clients more efficient and profitable.

CAP Consulting approaches every project with a specific outline and agreement of what the engagement entails and what objectives will be achieved. A few examples are; Book of business analysis and meaningful reporting to help identify current premium volumes and corresponding commission/income volume and resource workloads. A comprehensive review of the complexity of customers, policies, and Line of Business (LOB’s) which help to ensure that current work levels are evenly distributed amongst the staff. Monthly / Quarterly procedure audits to provide Management with the necessary confidence that the staff members are following the agency’s established standards and workflows. The Audit will assist in uncovering potential training issues and performance issues based on the results.