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Why Consolidated Agency Partners?

We are an established and growing Agency Consortium dedicated to the growth and prosperity of small to medium sized insurance agencies. We uniquely offer a broad range of insurance services, insurance market access, technology, continuing education (CE) and agency operations consulting by combining the best features of leading agency support organizations and market access models. Our partners and members use CAP to enhance their current professional arrangements or as an entirely new alternative to their agency operations.


  • High Commissions
  • Top National Carriers
  • Speed, Service, Support
  • More Than Just a Number
  • Retain 100% Ownership of the Business


The CAP Membership model offers agencies joining as members improved access to insurance markets. CAP brings insurance carriers and small independent agencies together in a way that is more cost effective and efficient than any other option available today.
Instead of independently supporting each carrier relationship, the scale of multiple member agencies results in the ability to achieve maximum compensation contracts to include profit sharing that, in some cases, would not be available to the individual agency on their own.
The percentage of shared commission available to most members will automatically increase the member agency bottom line revenue compared to their existing situation when considering all business placed through the CAP model.
CAP Member Agencies are more than just a number. We firmly believe that a strong business relationship is built on shared responsibility for the day-to-day success of the member agency. As a CAP Member, you don’t have to bear the entire weight yourself. Sometimes, two businesses working together are greater than the sum of the whole. Especially when they have a synergy of skills.