Nexsure Web-Based Agency Management Technology

The Consolidated Agency Partners business model is designed for the future. A key component of the model is the Nexsure® web-based agency management technology supported by XDimensional Technologies Inc. This key technology component is best characterized as an effective, efficient and inexpensive means of transferring the broadest range of insurance data through varied existing technology infrastructures while providing real-time access to all possible parties of the insurance transaction – from customer to carrier. CAP will leverage this state-of-the-art technology to improve both member agent submissions and partnering carrier results through improved hit ratios & consistently lower loss ratios.

The Nexsure® product and XDimensional Technologies Inc. bring tremendous value to the CAP model and ultimately to CAP’s key carrier partners and member agencies.

Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency management solution that connects agents, carriers, brokers, wholesalers, and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management. Nexsure offers robust contact management, sales force automation, advanced work flow, standard (property and casualty, life and health, benefits) and custom lines of business, policy life cycle management, CRM, and multi-office accounting and reporting.

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