For Insurance Agents, the Choice Is Yours

Consolidated Agency Partners offers different membership programs to fit the unique needs of insurance agents. We firmly believe that a strong business relationship is built on the day-to-day success of our member agencies so we uniquely offer a broad range of services to complement our market access options.

From the single person agency to an agency with 25 employees, with Consolidated Agency Partners, the choice is YOURS.

CAP Membership

CAP Membership is perfect for agencies of 1-25 employees who need access to Preferred Carrier Markets but understand the difficulty in getting, and retaining, direct appointments with all of the necessary carriers to remain competitive.

We utilize technology built for the web to create a highly productive environment that allows our Members to collaborate with CAP during the entire policy lifecycle using our unique CAPNet Connect Online Portal. Our CAPNet Connect Online Portal provides a simple self-guided submission process consisting of four steps: Customer Information, Coverages, Application Detail and Review.

As a CAP Member, you also have the ability to customize your Membership by utilizing the additional services of the enhanced Membership Plus option, depending on the unique needs of your agency.

CAP Membership Plus

If you want to spend your time SELLING, not managing employees and performing routine service requests.  If you want to earn 100% commission.  If you can’t get access to all the carriers and products you need to be “really” profitable without worrying about funding the agency’s overhead.  If you are constantly chasing volume commitments and/or you know you need to make changes or improvements in the agency and think a partner can help.  The CAP Membership Plus option is a completely new alternative to quality policy services and market access.  CAP Membership Plus is geared towards agencies of 1-5 people and offers our Membership Plus Agencies access to a comprehensive list of Preferred Carrier Markets, participation in carrier profit sharing programs and various additional back office services which can be highly tailored to your agency’s needs.  CAP Membership Plus includes our state-of-the-art Policy Management System which literally allows you access to your client information anywhere an internet connection is available.